BUGZ IN THE ATTIC ( about the last album )

Itchy: How long has the album been in the making?

Bugz: 10 months

Itchy: How was the record put together – seeing that there are a number of different producers and musicians in Bugz?

Bugz: It was quite a chaotic period with no real structure in place, eventually we got our production line working and managed to get it finished. The main challenge for us was to get the songs written and recorded to a standard at which we were then able go away and produce.
tchy: Is it a democracy or dictatorship?

Bugz: A democracy

Itchy: The album isn’t a straight “broken-beat” record. There are different tempos and slower tracks included. Did you feel that you had to showcase that the Bugz sound wasn’t just about making club orientated tracks?

Bugz: Yeah obviously when you are doing an album you know that you don’t have to make every track for the clubs, all our remixes have been made with dancefloor in mind. We have a lot of diverse influences and hopefully that shows on the album.

Itchy: The tracks on the record are short ‘songs’. Was there a specific intention to stay away from the less “accessible” lengthier versions for an album release?

Bugz: The only reason the tracks are shorter is because we felt that in an album format it works better that way, there’s nothing worse than a track going on for longer than it needs to. On the 12inch versions of tracks that we put out off the album there will longer versions so hopefully we can keep everyone happy.

Itchy: Was it a conscious effort to make a record that could be reproduced live?

Bugz: We always knew we wanted to do it live but always thought we wanted to make the strongest record possible first and then think about the live thing.

Itchy: How hard was it to translate the sound of the record to the live arena?

Bugz: Not as hard as we thought, but that is down to the quality of the musicians and singers that are involved. It has been a transition from our old dj and mc show through to a sound system and now a fully live band.

Itchy: I recently heard Gilles Peterson compare you to Reprazent, in reference to your live performances. Is that level of live success and respect something you’re aiming for?

Bugz: If we were to get that level of success with our album and live project then we would be absolutely delighted.

Itchy: You’re doing a lot of the festivals this summer including A Rum Do. What is your idea of “a rum do”?.

Bugz: A few of the Bugz have spent time out in Puerto Rico, where the local drink is a cuba libra, so our idea of a rum do would be hanging out there at the Galleria night with rum in hand,taking in all the local sights, sounds and substances!

Itchy: Have you been listening to anything recently that has impressed you? Erykah Badu live at Somerset House Any interesting collaborations/remixes in the offing?

Bugz: Yeah, some Switch, IG Culture, Diplo and Elektrons remixes of the next Bugz single Don’t Stop. Hopefully a special Bugz track featuring some interesting MC’s. Plus all the projects various Bugz members are getting on with, Afronaut is finishing his Hencho En Casa project, a Blakai album plus a few others.

Itchy: And finally… If your house was burning down, which 5 records would grab on your way out and why?

Nervous Track – Nuyorican Soul. Massive influence on Bugz and also a classic club tune that we still play out. There’s not much out there that sounds like this so it would have to be saved.

I Want You – Marvin Gaye. Classic album loved by everyone in Bugz, Leon Ware production and you don’t want to flick past any track.

Patrice Rushen – Let Your Heart Be Free. When the needle hits the record it brings joy to your life.

Best Of Minnie Riperton – Minnie Riperton. The only voice that would sooth our souls if all our records got burnt

Don Blackman – Don Blackman. Impeccable timing and musicianship and this being the only album he ever made makes this essential.

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