MAURICE FULTON (LADYVIPB – When you feel like prancing around)


A semi-concept album without the pretentiousness of one, Stories Of A Broken Heart & Recovering was created on the basis of a failed love affair. Like the many faceted emotions of being in love, Maurice Fulton a.k.a. Ladyvipb has created an album that is just as complicated and challenging with detailed production work that twists together a tight blend of sounds that gently compliment each other. For those looking for a simple classification of Maurice Fulton’s style, good luck. His writing bounces upon Jazz instrumentation and lo-fi electronics, classical organic sound mash with the digital bleeps and clicks while melancholic piano mingles with the fast tempo of Brazilian carnival percussion, House music and abstract Hip-Hop.

The beautiful moments within the primarily instrumental material of Stories could be enough, the prominent material features vocalist Wanda Felicia, a Brooklyn based songwriter/ singer that graces tracks like “Devil You” and “New Day” assisting Maurice Fulton with getting this whole doomed love affair rinsed from his system. If his ex-girlfriend had enough effect to spark this kind of musical outpour, good riddance, this album is worth far more than a little heartache but Maurice may not feel the same.

click below to listen

LADYVIPB – You Gave Away My Everything


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